Friday, July 31, 2009

Rude Dr.

Why would I like to publish a post with a title like that? That's because I heard a story from my mom and felt that that doctor should be blammed for her rude manner towards the patients.
The story bagan with an almost geriatric female patient, Mrs. X who unfortunately had a Stage II breast cancer and needed to undergo a total of 8 cycles of chemotherapy. As we all know, chemotherapy is a very tough and suffering process. Most cancer patients suffer physically and mentally while undergoing the chemotherapy.
That day, Mrs X needed to undergo the 3rd cycle of chemotherapy. As the white blood count of Mrs X was low, she needed to stay in the hospital to be injected a drug (I don't know the name, sorry...) to boost up the amount of white blood cells. Then, the next morning, the blood test of Mrs X showed that her white blood count was sufficient for her to undergo chemotherapy. Therefore, the doctor asked Mrs X to be ready for chemotherapy. The clock showed that it was 8am so the breakfast was distributed to all the in-patients at that time. Mrs X felt hungry and saw the doctor was still handling other chemotherapy cases, so she started to have the breakfast first. Right after Mrs X had the second bite on her breakfast, came the doctor here with a very fierce face.
She asked rudely," Why do you eat breakfast? I don't have much time to wait you. Don't you see that I have a bundle of patients to be settled to undergo chemotherapy?"
Mrs X was shocked by this doctor and explained in a low voice," I just saw you attend to other patients, so I planned to eat first as I felt very hungry..."
The doctor then blammed," don't you feel that you are just like someone from 'kampung' place who have never eaten this kind of food before?"
This blamming sounded very sarcastic and Mrs X felt very embarrased being humiliated by such a doctor. Mrs X then stopped eating and let the doctor to do the antiemetic injection before conducting the chemotherapeutic drugs infusion. The doctor started to inject Mrs X with the antiemetic drugs at a very fast rate. Mrs X yelled at pain and then asked,"Can doctor inject this drug slower? It is painful. Last time, the other doctor injected it slowly and it was not painful."
This doctor was pissed off by Mrs X's words and shouted out," if you want that doctor to inject you, then you ask that doctor to inject you. You don't need me!" Mrs X was stunned by her attitude. She could only keep quiet as she didn't want to make this doctor angry again. Afterall, her life was still on the hand of that doctor.
While on chemo drugs infusion, the doctor needed to find the blood vessel to insert the needle into the blood vessel. However, it's not as easy as usual because the chemo drugs before could cause the blood vessel to sink. It's not easy to find a suitable blood vessel. Therefore, the doctor needed to try and error to inject few times. This made the whole chemotherapy process very painful. Each time the doctor injected and took out the needle, Mrs X would shout out in pain. Each time she shouted out in pain, the doctor would scold her to shut up because this caused her could not concentrate to inject. Mrs X felt very stressful throughout the whole chemo process and kind of blammed herself why she would suffer this kind of disease. The chemotherapy already made her very ill and in fact she needed to meet this kind of doctor. This made her even more afraid of undergoing chemotherapy next time.
So, that's the end of the story. I really feel that a doctor should be responsible to her attitude towards the patients. I know that a doctor's job is very busy and stressful, but at least she should take care of her emotion and attitude towards the patients. Most patients also feel vey stressful about their disease and some even feel depressed about it. In fact, that doctor is just an ordinary GP and already very arrogant and emotional. Shame her to be a Chinese. Hence, hopefully my future doctor friends will not behave like that rude doctor when they work in future. It's really a shame!


  1. 什么妙手仁心,医者父母心,看来也套不上你所形容的这位医生。

  2. 帮我送这位医生-乙甲乙爱~