Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quarantine week

The time now shows that it is 12:37am, yet I'm still lingering around in the world of internet. Thinking back of the 1 weeek holiday, I still feel that I've done nothing much to improve my academic performance. Hence, let me conclude of what I've done in this quarantine week:
27/7, Mon, woke up early in the morning to be prepared to go for Mon class. After attending a half hour briefing, then suddenly heard a horrible news of H1N1 attacking the hostel. Quickly paked back home and then facebooking from morning to night. Then, I said to myself that I should push myself to read some of my notes tomorrow.
28/7, Tue, woke up very late in the morning because of sleeping late in the previous night. Having own made breakfast, mopping the floor, chatting and then facebooking again until night. Then, slept quite early for preparing myself to HUKM tomorrow. Zero input for my notes.
29/7, Wed, woke up very early in the morning to prepare myself to go to HUKM. Collecting data for almost whole day in HUKM. Then, going back, taking a 2 hours nap, having dinner, faceboking somemore, and went to sleep. Zero input also for my notes.
30/7, Thurs, same as Wed for office hours. After going back from HUKM, got a chance to go to Pasar Malam Sri Rampai to "shop" for a while. Then, at night, did some editting for my assignment, watched a Japan cartoon and went to sleep again. Zero input again for my notes.
31/7, Fri, same as Thurs but going back at around 11 am. When reached titiwangsa LRT, met my friends out of my expectation and had lunch with them. Reached home around 1pm, bathed, took a nap for almost 1.5 hours, then facebooking and watching Eng dramas. Finally at night, gt a chance to touch the note. (p/s really touch only)
1/8, Sat, shopping with my old friends for whole day and then spent overnight at my friend's house.
2/8, Sun, Woke up late in my friend's house, reading his novel and then went back home by LRT. Reached home around 2pm, facebooking in the noon time, and then finally,could touch more on my notes at night. So, now blogging.
The whole week seemed very boring and unproductive for me. No income, no knowledge input, and no excited experience. Sigh... look like i have lost my passion towards my life. I did not feel excited about my life. That is so sad. Hopefully, I could really find my excitement in my life in future.

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