Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Work and Study

Recently, many of my friends felt bad about their works and some even doubted their choice of this career. In fact, nearly all of them were smarter and more knowledgeable than me. I'm so far so good (I mean feeling towards works), sometimes get blamed and commented, but these can still be okay for me. I have probably already developed immunity towards the sarcastic comments for my stupidity as i have been stupid all these years. However, will I be like them in future? I so far do not feel bad about my career and in fact I'm now learning to love my career. As compared to the previous study life, I now have better feeling towards pharmacy. I remembered that last time there was quite a period of time that i always blamed my study life. Maybe i was not born to read. Yup, it's true. Within these two days, i tried to study the law book for my upcoming forensic exam, but totally no mood at all. I only read literally but did not study it. Life is really full of "exam" and our life is judged by the marks of the exam (Probably not applicable throughout the world but i think that it is applicable in a country like Malaysia). So, what to do? I still need to accept the reality. Hence, Lim Kek Chuong, starting from now, please be serious with your law book revision.

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  1. buddy, jia u & gud luck in ur forensic exam....hiaz..i oso hv 2 face d same destiny in d future....keke